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Tembo helps first-time buyers increase their deposit

Whether you're just starting to save or have quite a bit saved up, we can help you.

Buy your first home, with help from your family

In addition to your first-time buyer mortgage, we'll arrange a small interest-only mortgage on your family home to boost your deposit.

More money for you, less money for the banks

All of this means you could save thousands in interest when compared with you going solo.

How much could you save with Tembo?

Use the calculator below to figure out how much money using Tembo could save you in just interest fees alone.

Best current alternative

Our smart technology searches over 20,000 mortgages from all the leading banks and building societies in the UK to find you the best current alternative to a Tembo Family Boost mortgage.


We compare the Best Current Alternative to the deal that you could get using a Tembo Family Boost. We show you how much money you could save over a typical five year fixed term mortgage using a Tembo family boost. If Tembo isn’t the cheapest we’ll show that too.

How it works

A bigger deposit could mean a cheaper mortgage

By boosting your deposit on your first-time-buyer mortgage, lenders could give you access to much lower interest rates. The reason for this is that you reduce your Loan-to-value (LTV), something lenders use to assess the risk of the mortgage. Customers with lower LTV’s are less risky and are therefore charged at a lower rate of interest. These figures are illustrative only.

Interest rates correct as of 09/10/2020

We help you boost your deposit

By arranging a small interest-only mortgage on your family home you can get a deposit boost. Interest is paid every month by you or your family member and the balance doesn't have to be paid off until the property is sold or the family member dies. Mortgage lenders call these retirement-interest-only (RIO) mortgages.

And help you buy your first home cheaper

With your boosted deposit, we’ll then find you the best first-time buyer mortgage on the market. You could get access to much lower rates compared to if you went solo which means you'll save thousands in mortgage interest over the initial term.

More money for you and less for the banks.

Average interest paid on a £250,000 mortgage with a 10% vs 20% deposit

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Expert advice from real people to get you the best deal

With Tembo, you’ll have someone by you and your family's side the whole way. We're here to take the stress off your shoulders and give you hours of your life back.

You'll get your dedicated mortgage broker, who'll explain Tembo and talk you all through your Tembo plan to ensure everything is clear as day. They'll find you the very best deal from over 90 lenders across the market and do the hard work to get your mortgage over the line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tembo helps first-time buyers increase their deposit by sharing the mortgage across two properties. This could save you thousands in interest payments.

1. First, our smart technology searches the whole market and calculates how much you can save using Tembo

2. Next, speak to one of our expert mortgage brokers who'll talk you and your family through what's involved and advise you on the best deal

3. Finally, we'll arrange everything with the lender and be by your side all the way until completion 🏡

There is no upfront cost to use Tembo. We charge a fixed fee of £499 that is due upon completion of your mortgage.

Tembo is a mortgage broker. We have access to over 80 lenders from across the market to find you the best deal.

Yes. Tembo Money Limited (FRN: 937301) is an appointed representative of Personal Touch Financial Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Most of our customers can save thousands on their mortgage.

Tembo helps buyers onto the ladder faster and for less with its market-leading deposit boost. A boost is a way for a home-owning family member or friend to help you buy without needing a pile of cash saved to do so. We like to call them homeboosters (or heroes!).

In addition to your first-time buyer mortgage, we arrange a small interest-only mortgage on the homebooster’s property, which unlocks money to increase your deposit. Interest is paid every month by you or the homebooster and the balance doesn’t need to be paid off until the property is sold or the family member dies. Mortgage lenders call these retirement-interest-only (RIO) mortgages.

Very! Equity release products don't (usually) have any monthly payments, meaning your loan balance accumulates every month. This often results in a big repayment years later as the interest continues to mount up. With Tembo, we'll only recommend a Retirement-Interest-Only mortgage where you pay off the interest each month and keep the balance under control. That way you’ll know what you have left at the end.

We know parents like to help their children get on the property ladder (in fact over 40% of first-time buyers had help from their parents last year). Tembo helps facilitate the act of gifting your children money towards their deposit to ensure you both get the best mortgage deal possible and, as a result, save thousands in interest payments. There are also some handy inheritance tax benefits too!

Your family are legally responsible for paying the interest on the loan. But you can agree to pay for it for them if you wish.

At the moment we can only help you if you live in the UK and do not have adverse credit, a criminal record, previous repossessions or have previously been bankrupt.

Yes! We can help both single and joint applicants.

As long as your family owns their home and their mortgage balance is under 50% of the property value they are eligible for a family boost.